Ab Tronic Abdominal Exerciser Claims To Offer Harder and Firmer Abs Without Hassle

Published: 18th May 2009
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Review Summary

There seem to be more and more products showing up online, at the gym and in the aisles of local stores to assist us with toning, strengthening and tightening our abs. Many individuals have tried to do leg lifts, crunches and sit ups to get our abs in shape and to get rid of belly fat, but in must cases it ends in disappointment when you have failed to get the six packs we see in magazines, on TV and at the gym. Some ab trainers have been shown to be quite effective, allowing users to get the kind of ab workout that they need to have a real core strengthening workout, but others seem to be more fiction than fact.

Ab Tronic is an ab training belt that is most often advertised on late night TV infomercials. Many of us view products marketed this way with a skeptical eye, but sometimes they are able to deliver. It's simply a matter of really looking at the technology used in them. This product's developer claims that it will deliver sleek, hard, toned and muscular abs without the user having to do any work. This means that you could possibly forego doing sit ups and crunches and simply wear this device. Many consumers have been asking if it really works, so let's take a look and see.

System at a Glance

When the Ab Tronic arrives at your door, it comes with everything you need to get started, including the belt, carrying case, instruction manual, weight loss plan video, two 3 volt Lithium batteries, one 4oz. bottle of Firm and Toning Gel and the Activating Gel.

The Good News

The good news about the Ab Tronic trainer is that it uses EMS muscle stimulation technology to work the abs. This technology is research proven to be able to generate effective, yet comfortable contractions, which, when used with the correct intensity and design firm, tone and strengthen ab muscles. Physical therapists and other professionals have been using this technology for over 30 years to allow their patients to get the exercise they need when they are unable to do it for themselves. So most experts, us included, suggest looking for products that incorporate this technology into their product's design, but there are other aspects that need to be included to ensure that these kinds of products are effective.

The Bad News

While the EMS technology used in some ab trainers has been proven to be highly effective, how well this technology is integrated into the product's design is just as important. This is where problems with the Ab Tronic start to appear. When you look at its design it looks rather old fashioned for one really important reason: it is. A device is attached to the outside of the belt to control the workout, but it appears to offer users very limited control. The more effective and higher performing products have a handheld device that could offer individuals up to 99 different intensity settings so that they may get the most out of their workout.

The design of the belt used in this product seems to be rather limited as well. It's small and only addresses the upper core. This actually may be quite obvious when you see it in action on infomercials or on some retail sites. Individuals who want a full core workout may have to move the device to address other areas, including the obliques, which are an issue for many of us who wrestle with love handles. This discrepancy in its design could mean that some core muscles may go unaddressed, which has the potential to dramatically decrease results. We actually prefer wraparound belts that incorporate EMS directly into the belt itself to cover a wider area and allow for deeper penetration so that results are maximized. These products tend to cost a bit more but are well worth the extra expense.


• Uses EMS muscle stimulation, a proven method for working abdominal muscles

• Affordable price tag may make it easy to consider

• Available on many sites


• Design may be obsolete compared to newer advancements in technology

• Belt does not appear to deliver EMS to the entire waist line at once

• Belt seems to offer only limited power settings

• Underperformed with consumers

Final Thoughts

The Ab Tronic is far less expensive than other Ab trainers, and this has been a huge draw for consumers, but in this arena you get what you pay for. As we noted above, while this product does use EMS muscle stimulation technology, which is very effective, its antiquated design may really limit its abilities. This means that it may work some of your ab muscles and leave others untouched, so you may get a one or a 2 pack instead of the 6 or an 8 pack you're looking for.

The inexpensiveness of this product and the fierceness of its advertising campaign can be very attractive, but before making a decision about this product, we suggest getting a few other expert opinions. But weeding out the reputable sites from the scammer sites can be hard. So, to aid you in finding other informative sites, we've provided a few links above that will take you to some really excellent resources. These sites not only discuss Ab Tronic, but they also let you in on what your peers are saying about it and discusses some alternatives.

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